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CMS, Card Management System

The Card Management System (CMS) by Intesi Group is the best solution to directly manage the process of electronic and graphic customization of cryptographic devices to provide to customers / users. With the availability of a CMS solution, your operations staff will take care of initializing smartcards and USB Tokens to load the certificates issued by the selected CA, and set the unlock codes PIN and PUK. It Can also be managed a full graphical customization of the card in order to print on both sides of the card the company logo, the name and photo of the user and any other information you want to restore on the graphic support.

CMS Startup Kit

Starting the System
CMS Startup Kit is the form required to set up an initial configuration of the system of Card Management System. Included in the product are all of the different software components that are required for data management, communication and set up of integration with the information system of the customer.
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CMS Smartcard Manager

Production and card management
Smartcard Manager allows to extend the initial configuration defined with the Startup Kit adding a further personalization of Smartcards able to operate in parallel with other workstations in order to increase the overall production capacity of the system.
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CMS Registration Authority

Users registration activities
The module of Registration Authority is responsible for the input phase of the user data that must have the customized smartcards. The application, thanks to its Web interface, is able to support the RAO operators and their IR agents in recognition of the user and in the distribution of requests.
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Printing operations will be carried out through the use of normal thermographic printers available on the market and, to vary the printer, can be optimized production times and the print quality. Use of this product is suitable for anyone who needs to distribute Smartcard or USB Token with a large number of users and does not want to have to submit to organizational procedures and costs of external supply. Interesting cases of use are the distribution of the cards to employees for authentication and for physical access controls and information systems, implementation of computerized procedures for the management of students (student card, tests registration, access to the library, ... ), the automation of healthcare applications.

In each of the cases above listed, the Intesi Group CMS offers the ideal solution for the management of the following operational phases:

  • Registration of requests for cards issue
  • Production planning for enterprise / lots
  • Printing and card personalization
  • Integration with CA

The registration process is responsible for acquiring all the information of the user to which will be issued the card. The process follows the guidelines issued by the Italian law and can therefore be support for the activities of RAO operators and their agents.

The steps of production planning and effective customization of the cards are back-office operations that are based on pending requests of issuing cards which allow batch production taking into account the possible groupings of applicants related to the company or fixed intervals.
Integration with CA is an activity planned to solve issues related to the generation of unlock codes, to requests for certificate generation and all subsequent stages of the management of the certificates issued. A minimum configuration includes the Startup Kit with a Smartcard Manager station. At the first station you can then add other Smartcard Manager that will backup or enhance the overall production capacity of the system. In this case the card production requires loading of user data in batch mode or with import not directly controlled by the application. With the module Registration Authority all stages of the preparation of user data for the issuance of certificates and cards are handled internally to the application.

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