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Firma Facile

The security of the digital signature with the ease of use

All the power and functionality of digital signature available in the ease of use Firma Facile, the latest product offered by Intesi Group.

The digitally signed documents are legally valid according to the current legislation as equipped with several information that certify with certainty the integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation. When it�s necessary to sign digitally documents, users are called to perform technologically complex operations. For this purpose was designed Firma Facile. It reduces the performance of these complex operations to the level of a double-click of the mouse. Thanks to Firma Facile any user may be able to:


  • place and verify one or more digital signatures on his files or documents
  • decide whether to put a time stamp
  • manage certificates and credentials in his possession.

Each step is accompanied by advanced features that enhance the application, making it flexible, easy to use and high performance. Firma Facile immediately accelerates business processes, reducing costs, increasing safety and helping organizations to be compliant to current legislation.


Main features

Documents Signature
The signature of one or more documents may be immediate or advanced. This second option differs from the first because Firma Facile provides additional options of signature, such as time stamp, setting of the time reference, type of signature (attached, detached, pdf,), encoding (binary, base64), change of name of the signed file. The files that are signed with the rapid signature still have the opportunity to receive after the time stamp using the feature "Stamp".

Multiple selection of documents
Large quantities of documents can be signed at the same time, with a significant reduction in processing times, thanks to the important features multiple selection of files as the verification PIN is required only once for all documents, instead of each time for each document.

Certificates and Credentials
Firma Facile is also equipped with two management windows: one for certificates and one for credentials. Both allow you to have a sorted view based on various filter parameters and provide the ability to import, export, delete, and of course provide all the details for each certificate in.

Configuration Options
Firma Facile has a rich set of configuration options to allow the user to optimize the time of signing documents setting as default the options that best suit his needs.

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