Hardware Product for Security

To handle Digital Signature operations must have adequate cryptographic devices that can host the signature credentials and can carry out the necessary security operations.

The devices typically used are:

  • Smartcard and Smartcard reader
  • Cryptographic card on PCI bus
  • Hardware Security Module (HSM) networked

For personal use, through PkNet, the user must consider the first two solutions and the choice can be based on personal preferences.

For a massive and unattended use, all the solutions listed may be taken into consideration with PkBox, comparing performance with the performance requirements, result, performance and reliability requirements.

Intesi Group is able to offer a solution with high reliability and quality based on industry leaders’ products that can guarantee a good coverage of users’ needs and a price in line with the market requirements.

Smartcard Configuration

Security server for massive signature
InfoCert signature full kit containing: Smartcard Reader - Smartcard CNS (Carta Nazionale Servizi) - Qualified Signature Certificates and Authentication - Folder with unlock codes of the card (PIN, PUK, and emergency code).

Configuration with encryption card

The kit contains:
- Cryptographic Card SafeNet Luna PCI + PED
- Cryptographic device (up to 75 credentials)
- Hardware Device PED for card release
- Set of unlocking.

Lot of time stamps

Maximum scalability and reliability.
Lot of time stamps.
RAO availability (Registration Authority Officer) to issue Massive Signature certificates.

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