PkBox, Security Server for Digital Massive Signature

PkBox is the security server more powerful and flexible on the market for managing the operations of Digital Massive Signature according to the Italian law and to support applications that must deal with the logical data security.

The use of PkBox is recommended in all situations where its necessary to handle high volumes of transactions (such as Massive Signature, Verification of signatures received, Authentication, Encryption) with maximum flexibility, reliability and scalability of the solution implemented.


PkBox Functional Description

More details on PkBox, time stamps, strong authentication, asymmetric encryption, symmetric encryption and EMV commands are available here: "PkBox Functional Description".

Comparative PkBox SHEET
For further details on features offered by different versions, see PkBox SHEET
PkBox architectures
More details on PkBox architectures.
- PkBox Architecture
- PkBox Enterprise Architecture
PkBox Client Smart API
The extension Smart API is an additional module to the remote API of PkBox that allows you to process locally to the application documents without having to send them to PkBox servers.
Please see .pdf

PkBox Basic

Security Server for massive signature
It 's the server product that Intesi Group proposes for Massive solutions and automation of logical security features of data as indicated by the rules of the Italian and European law.
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PkBox Advanced

High functionality with HSM support
Its Intesi Group proposal for critical applications in complex configurations and high reliability. In addition to the several and unique features of this product, the main feature is the ability to achieve high-performance solutions.
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PkBox Enterprise

Maximum scalability and reliability
It 's the top product that Intesi Group proposes in all situations that require maximum scalability and functionality, to address the issues of Digital Massive Signature compliant to law, in complex and demanding environments.
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Main functionality and features

Electronic Signature and Digital Signature Multi Signature and Contersign - Detached Signature - PDF Signature - XML Signature - Managing Time Stamp Signature verification Verification of Certificate Status (with CRLs and OCSP) - Strong authentication (in conbination with PkNet) - Encryption and Symmetric Decryption and Rsa - Management of Certificates and Credentials - Handling of Pkcs #7 Envelopes (P7M) Management via web console
Wide Devices Support: Smartcard, cryptographic cards, HSM, ... - Available for Windows and Linux platforms - Support access protocols HTTP (s) and Soap / XML - Maximum simplicity of programming in MS Com / .Net and Java - Automatic reconfiguration of server without rebooting the system - Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing - Possibility of configurations Three-Tier ( multilevel) for optimizing the network - transparent support of the main qualified Certification Authority - Support for all major output formats for time stamps.
For further details on features offered by different versions, see PkBox SHEET

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