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PkBox Enterprise - Maximum scalability and reliability

PkBox Enterprise is the Intesi Group top product, it is suitable in all situations that require maximum scalability and functionality, to address Massive Digital Signature issues compliant to law, in complex and demanding environments.

From the point of view of its scalability and configurability, PkBox Enterprise represents the best that can be found on the market and it can realize extremely demanding and ambitious solutions both in functional terms and as regards the support of network structures articulated and distributed.

As can be verified in PkBox Enterprise architecture, the product allows to create configurations with multi-level security server as normally indicated in the Three Tier Architecture.

The security server is divided into two parts and the communication between the parties is reduced to the minimum necessary to eliminate any difficulties in the performance of the link between the " Security Server " (the PkBox Advanced / Basic with cryptographic device "Remote") and the HSM server (PkBox Enterprise servers with their specific cryptographic hardware). Thanks to this approach are reduced to the minimum requirements of the network in the connection between the machines and it is possible to perform big documents signatures even with connections not very fast (eg. geographical connections with high latency).

Among the features of significant importance made available with PkBox Enterprise we mention the signature of documents or parts of documents in XML format according to the instructions given by the new national legislation and the advanced management of CRL that allows a considerable flexibility and optimization in the management of lists of revocation of signers´┐Ż certificates. This feature is of great importance in every situation in which the number of verification operations grows significantly, and with it the implications and the technical problems related to the continuous synchronization of the CRL published by the different CA involved in the process.

With PkBox Enterprise are available the following optional modules:

  • Encryption and Decryption with Symmetric Keys
  • Management EMV commands
  • Authentication with OTP devices

Each of these modules satisfy special needs and is an useful complement to the already impressive product features of PkBox. Can be arranged for Windows and Linux operating environments, and with compatible cryptographic devices, supports VMware virtualization environments.

Available Versions:

PkBox Client, Free libraries
FREE. PkBox Client is proposed to facilitate the deepening of PkBox. It Provides all the information and all the necessary libraries to create applications that perform security operations.
PkBox Basic
It 's the server product that Intesi Group proposes for Massive solutions and automation of logical security features of data as indicated by the rules of the Italian and European law.
PkBox Advanced
It's the proposal of Intesi Group for critical applications in complex configurations and high reliability. In addition to the numerous and unique features of this product, the main feature is the ability to create high-performance solutions.
PkBox Enterprise
It 's the top product proposed by Intesi Group for all situations that require maximum scalability and high functionality, to address the issues of Massive Digital Signature compliant to law, in complex and demanding environments.
PkBox comparative sheet
PFor the features offered by different versions, please see PkBox Sheet.
PkBox Architectures
Issues of performance and sophisticated configuration.
- PkBox Architecture
- PkBox Enterprise Architecture
PkBox Client Smart API
The extension Smart API is an additional module to the remote API of PkBox that allows you to process locally to the application documents without having to send them to PkBox servers. See .PDF
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