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PkBox Client, free libraries

The development of applications that incorporate digital signature functionality based on PkSuite family of products, require the use of APIs offered by PkNet and PkBox for different programming environments supported.

Both as regards PkNet, both in the case of PkBox, each product has its own information necessary for the integration within the applications of the customer. It is therefore not required any additional tool to support application development with PkSuite products.

It is worth considering that PkNet, at least in its PkNet Express version, is available for free and then Intesi Group, in this case, allows the free trial of its products prior to the decision of an actual purchase.

It is not expected that any product in the PkBox range is available for free. For this reason, in order to provide an opportunity to evaluate the quality of its server products, Intesi Group makes freely available libraries, and documentation required to create a server application based on PkBox to perform security operations.

All of this information is included in the free product PkBox Client.
For Microsoft Com / .Net and Java environments are made available the corresponding software modules PkBox Client.
For all the supported interfaces is provided adequate technical documentation describing functionalities and how they interface.

To actually run applications developed with PkBox Client libraries it will obviously need to have a running PkBox server to delegate the execution of the required operations.
With the aim of facilitating and speeding up initial confidence of the programmer with the PkSuite products, Intesi Group periodically offers an introductory technical course in which it is carried out a practical test of installation and programming of PkNet and PkBox functions.
For the practical testing of PkBox products, Intesi Group offers its dealers an opportunity to get the Demo versions (fully functional and with time limit) of the products they are interested in.

Supported development environments

Any environment and programming language that has an interface compliant with Microsoft Com e .Net standards.
Development environment for the Java language.
Any environment and programming language that can communicate according to the protocols HTTP and HTTPS. Any development environment that can access to Web Services trough Soap / XML.
For the features offered by the different versions, please see PkBox Sheet.

Available Versions:

PkBox Client, Free libraries
FREE. PkBox Client is proposed to facilitate the deepening of PkBox. It Provides all the information and all the necessary libraries to create applications that perform security operations.
PkBox Basic
It 's the server product that Intesi Group proposes for Massive solutions and automation of logical security features of data as indicated by the rules of the Italian and European law.
PkBox Advanced
It's the proposal of Intesi Group for critical applications in complex configurations and high reliability. In addition to the numerous and unique features of this product, the main feature is the ability to create high-performance solutions.
PkBox Enterprise
It 's the top product proposed by Intesi Group for all situations that require maximum scalability and high functionality, to address the issues of Massive Digital Signature compliant to law, in complex and demanding environments.
PkBox comparative sheet
PFor the features offered by different versions, please see PkBox Sheet.
PkBox Architectures
Issues of performance and sophisticated configuration.
- PkBox Architecture
- PkBox Enterprise Architecture
PkBox Client Smart API
The extension Smart API is an additional module to the remote API of PkBox that allows you to process locally to the application documents without having to send them to PkBox servers. See .PDF
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