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PkNet, Qualified Signature with Smartcard

PkNet is the development Toolkit offered by Intesi Group to allow the Software House to include logical security features in their client applications. The use of PkNet is recommended for the management of interactive security operations (signature, encryption, authentication, ...) in which the user must directly interact with the software to demonstrate its explicit intention to perform the operation.

PkNet Comparative Sheet
For the functionality of the two versions, please see PKNET SHEET
PkNet Architectures
More details on PkNet architectures.
- PkNet Architecture
- PkNet Java Architecture

PkNet Express

Free Version
It 's the version that solve all the problems of logical security for the business user (contract signing, authentication, file protection).

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Extended set of features
PkNet is the most complete version with all the features available for the Digital Signature legally compliant. With PkNet the user can digitally sign according to the Italian and European legislation.
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Main functions and Features

Single, multiple signature or countersignature with and without timestamps - Compliance with the requirements of the Italian law - Automatic and real-time recognition of the signature device - Encryption and Decryption - Generating certificate requests (PKCS # 10) - Generating self-signed certificates - Generating and checking signatures in PKCS # 7, both in PDF format - Interoperability with different Certification Authority - Verification of signatures, certificates and time stamps - Managing certificates� stores - Import of certificates in the signature device - Integration into applications through programming interfaces (Microsoft Com, Java API, Applet)
Automatic recognition of Smartcards � Automatic Reconfiguration and selection of the driver based on the Smartcard - Transparent support of the main qualified Certification Authority - Support of the main output formats for timestamps - Possibility to download and directly install from the application site - Support development environments Microsoft Com / .Net and Java - Support major Internet Browser on Windows, Linux and Mac.
For the features offered by the two versions, please see PkNet Sheet

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