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PkNet Express, free version

PkNet Express is the Digital Signature Toolkit with legal value that Intesi Group offers for free to anyone who wants to add Ssignature features in its software applications.
Among the versions available, PkNet Express stands out as the natural choice for a personal use of the Smartcard in the Digital Signature of official documents or of particular importance in the verification of signed documents received.
PkNet Express can be installed through the simple setup or downloaded directly from the website at the time of its use and is able to detect, whenever it starts, the presence of smartcards, USB tokens or other devices already installed without requiring any reconfiguration operation of software.

The interface with the signature device takes place via the CSP or PKCS # 11 drivers, which must be installed prior to use of the device (otherwise it will not be recognized). On the same machine can be provided more drivers and at any time can be used a different cryptographic device. PkNet in complete autonomy will notice the change and start the correct driver on the card used.
Similarly certificates management refers only to the certificates on a device and not to any other certificates loaded into the store system. With this functionality interoperability problems are limited to a minimum related to the Smartcard used for Signature operations and is even possible to structure workstations for multiple users with different devices (for example a kiosk with free access to the public).
The features provided by PkNet Express are Digital Signature and management of Time Stamps law compliant. To this is added the possibility of Verification of Signatures on P7M envelopes (in the standard format Pkcs#7).
PkNet Express is provided with all the information necessary for its integration into applications.

Available Versions:

PkNet Express
It 's the version that solve all the problems of logical security for the business user (contract signing, authentication, file protection).
PkNet provides features otherwise optional such as output M7M for full interoperability with InfoCert for Time Stamps and management of XML Signature.
PkNet comparative sheet
For functionalities offered by the two versions, please see PkNet SHEET.
Architecture PkNet
More details on PkNet architectures.
- Architecture PkNet
- Architecture PkNet Java
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