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PkNet, Extended set of features

PkNet is the most complete version with all the features available for the Digital Signature with legal value in the PkNet suite.

PkNet is compliant with Italian and European legislation.

  • Multiple Signatures (parallel and counter signatures) to have multiple signatures on the same document.
  • Signature on PDF and XML documents also for single parts of the document.
  • Signature of groups of documents with a unique request for PIN.
  • Signature of the document impression and detached signature for a more flexible management of the transport processes and data storage.
  • Handling of documents in streaming  in order to sign large files without the limitations on the amount of RAM on the computer.

PkNet can manage time stamps issued by major Italian TSA.

  • Access to online services for the issue of time stamps according to RFC, InfoCert and PosteCom standards.
  • Issuing of P7M signed documents with Time Stamp included in the envelope.
  • Issuing of documents signed with Time Stamp in M7M format (InfoCert)
  • Issuing of documents signed with Time Stamp in Poste.Com output format
  • Management of P7M signed documents with detached Time Stamp

PkNet is able to check in a complete way Digital Signatures on documents.

  • Verification of Signature with CRL strain to verify the status of the signer certificate.
  • Verification of the Status of the Certificate with API separate from the Signature Verification
  • Extraction of all the information on the envelope (document, signers certificates, time stamps, signature time reference ...)

PkNet is not a toolkit for the digital signature "only"  but has functionality for strong authentication on Web services and Encryption with RSA algorithm.

  • Authentication with Smartcard according to the Challenge / Response method to be used with PkBox
  • Authentication with One Time Password (OTP) devices to be used in conjunction with PkBox
  • Smartcard authentication to access the corporate network via OpenVPN
  • Encryption and decryption with RSA asymmetric algorithms

PkNet can be used with most popular operating systems and in different configurations.

  • Support for Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems
  • Possible to use with Terminal Server and Citrix
  • Compatible with most Internet Browsers
  • Support for programming in development environments Com / .Net and Java

PkNet can be customized with logo of  PIN input to make completely customizable and consistent with the rest of the application the graphic layout presented to the user during the Digital Signature and Authentication.

Available Versions:

PkNet Express
It 's the version that solve all the problems of logical security for the business user (contract signing, authentication, file protection).
PkNet provides features otherwise optional such as output M7M for full interoperability with InfoCert for Time Stamps and management of XML Signature.
PkNet comparative sheet
For functionalities offered by the two versions, please see PkNet SHEET.
Architecture PkNet
More details on PkNet architectures.
- Architecture PkNet
- Architecture PkNet Java
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