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Strong Authentication

The Italian law does not indicate with precision the authentication technologies for the realization of remote signature solutions.

A good solution should be safe and reliable, possibly considering the authoritative opinion of the qualified entities to validate and "self-certify" compliance of signature infrastructure to regulatory requirements, the Certification Authority.
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Qualified signature with Smartcard
PkNet is the development ToolKit offered by Intesi Group to allow the Software House to include logical security features in their client applications.

The use of PkNet is recommended for the management of interactive security operations (signature, encryption, authentication, ...) in which the user must interact directly with the software to demonstrate its explicit intention to perform the operation.
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PkBox Client

Free libraries
The development of applications that include digital signature functionality through PkSuite products, require the use of APIs offered by PkNet and PkBox for different programming environments supported.

Both PkNet and PkBox have the necessary information for their integration into customer applications.
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Card Management

Card Management System
Intesi Group Card Management System is an excellent solution to manage in house the process of customization of cryptographic devices to be provided to customers / users.

With the availability of a CMS solution, your operations staff will initialize smartcards and USB Tokens to load the certificates issued by the selected CA , and set the unlock codes PIN and PUK.
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Firma Facile

Security combined with ease of use
All the power and functionality of digital signature are contained in the ease of use Firma Facile, one of the latest product offered by Intesi Group in this area.

The digitally signed documents are legally valid according to the current legislation since they have a wealth of information that certify with certainty the integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation.
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Hardware Products for Security
To handle operations of Digital Signature must have adequate cryptographic devices that can host the signature credentials and carry out the necessary security operations.

Typically these are: Smartcard and Smartcard reader, USB Cryptographic Token, cryptographic card on PCI bus and Hardware Security Module (HSM) on the network.
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